New era of putting
TOURPUTT is bringing a New putting
Standard to the playing field

TOURPUTT Reads, analyzes your putting
and projects personalized drills for you on the green. MORE

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Coach Jong-hwan Choi embodied
his know-how in this
state-of-the-art technology

Jong-hwan Choi has been coaching the world’s best through the years. Now, he is folding his
knowledge into TOURPUTT. Professionals on the LPGA, KPGA,
and KLPGA have trained with and continue to utilize TOURPUTT, proving its effectiveness.

TOURPUTT proven by Pro Golfer’s win


TOURPUTT helps me undergo training for efficiently.
Understanding one’s patterns makes course management easier as well.

  • 2021 3rd ranking at 2021 BMW Ladies Championship
  • 2020 Winner of US Women’s Open

So young LeeKLPGA Pro Golfer

TOURPUTT show me the results in data.
Then, to improve the numbers, I can maintain the tension as if I’m in an actual tournament

  • 2021 Semi Finalist at SK networks The Seoul Economic Daily Ladies Classic
  • 2020 Winner of 2020 Orange Life Champions Trophy In Bee Park Invitational


I started to gain confidence in my putting by seeing
what was difficult and carrying out training based on accurate data.

  • 2022 Winner of KPGA Hana bank Invitational
  • 2021 Winner of Kolon 63rd KOREA Open

Young Han SongKPGA, JGTO Pro Golfer

I always had to draw what is necessary for the field in my head.
But with TOURPUTT, I could see it, and it had an effective impact for putting tournaments.

  • 2018 3rd Placer at the 2018 KPGA Tour 61th KPGA Professional Tournamen
  • 2017 Semi Finalist at 2017 JGTO Tour Heiwa PGM Championship

Yu Jin SungKLPGA Pro Golfer

I found my weakness in particular lies via TOURPUTT.
Through training and improvements, I was able to improve my performances during tournaments.

  • 2021 Semi Finalist at 2021 BC Card Hankyung Ladies Cup
  • 2020 McCol Yongpyeong Resort Open with SBS Golf
Enter a new era of putting
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