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Putting’s new era is here: a higher standard is being set With TOURPUTT Circle, you can fully access all of TOURPUTT’s functions: pattern testing, training modes, and TOURPUTT Drill. Moving forward, TOURPUTT Circle is the new standard.

Pattern Test

Discover and analyze your
putting patterns with TOURPUTT

Pattern Test is a unique function of TOURPUTT created in collaboration with Coach Jong-hwan Choi. With Pattern Test, analyze all aspects of your putting game, including speed, direction, and habits, so you can set clear goals for your putting lessons and drills.

Custom Training

Train intuitively
and efficiently on the green

Custom training mode provides various training elements.
Select and combine each element to customize
the training method that suits you best.

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Now training alone can be much effective
and fun with new TOURPUTT drills

Training with TOURPUTT Drill is like a game:
it’s both fun and effective. In addition to starting propensity and zero point calibration drills, various drills will be launched.

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Statistic Mode

Get all of your putting
data stats recorded by TOURPUTT

TOURPUTT records all of your putting statistics as data.
Sort your data by date, distance, and breaking line to check your training results.

Perfect putting with TOURPUTT’s
unmatched technology

To master putting in all scenarios, your technique must be flawless. TOURPUTT’s developer, VRotein, is a VR/AR company located in South Korea
applying its self-developed AR, AI, and deep learning technologies to a variety of areas.

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    POINT-CLOUD Projection Mapping

    TOURPUTT’s unique technology accurately calibrates and adjusts the mapped area of ​​the projector.

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    A.I.M. Tracking Solution

    The sensor recognizes the ball on the green and the putter separately to accurately track the speed and trajectory of the ball.

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    SMART-Q Calibration

    Automatic calibration technology enables faster and more precise product installation.

Putting Simulator

Train with a putting
simulator on a
realistic green

TOURPUTT provides you perfect environment for your
putting training with flawless simulation on sloped greens that
you will experience on tour.

TOURPUTT is a putting simulator implementing an accurate,
realistic slope and green speed using its own algorithm and big data.

Equipped with a green with a slope of 3%,
you can simulate all types of the putts you might experience on tour.


Access TOURPUTT easily
through the mobile app

Analyze your putting data with the app – you can log in and get started right away through this method – or find your nearest TOURPUTT.

Scheduled maintenance to upkeep
performance and prompt updates

Regular inspections and updates to ensure and maintain high quality,
upper echelon performance



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Composition Projector 2 sets 1 set 1~2 sets
Sensor arrow down arrow down -
Feature Pattern Test Max 36 spots ( 2m / 1.5m / 1m ) Max 16 spots ( Middle / Long ) -
Ball Tracking arrow down arrow down -
Statistics arrow down arrow down -
Multi User - - arrow down
Green Size 5m × 5m 2.1m × 3.8m -
Green Slope 3% 3% Natural, undulating green
Heights 3.2m 2.9m 2.9~3.2m
Projector 2 sets
Sensor arrow down
Pattern Test Max 36 spots ( 2m / 1.5m / 1m )
Ball Tracking arrow down
arrow down
Multi User -
Green Size 5m × 5m
Green Slope 3%
Heights 3.2m
Projector 1 set
Sensor arrow down
Pattern Test Max 16 spots ( Middle / Long )
Ball Tracking arrow down
arrow down
Multi User -
Green Size 2.1m × 3.8m
Green Slope 3%
Heights 2.9m
Projector 1~2 sets
Sensor -
Pattern Test -
Ball Tracking -
Multi User arrow down
Green Size -
Green Slope Natural, undulating green
Heights 2.9~3.2m

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TOURPUTT Box allows for a systematic training in even
the smallest of spaces

TOURPUTT Box has all the features of the TOURPUTT Circle but is only half the size, making it a more efficient use of space.

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TOURPUTT is displayed on a natural,
undulating green

Many use TOURPUTT Ground to train with the visual element of a rolling, realistic green.