The Arc allows you to train the basic elements of putting, such as aiming angle, speed,
and tempo, while visually checking the putter's movement path.

  • Face Control

    Visually inspect the face angle of the putter and the movement path of
    the sweet spot, and train to accurately launch the ball to the target line.

  • Speed Control

    Train a sense of speed control by adjusting the stroke size according
    to the displayed color and scale.

  • Tempo Control

    practice a sense of consistent tempo by making the back stroke time and down
    stroke time the same and symmetrical from the center to the left/right.

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The Impact is an optimal putting stroke training tool designed to easily
learn a solid and stable impact.

  • Acceleration Timing

    You can visually view and train the acceleration points by displaying the starting
    section of the Back Stroke and the transition section to the Forward Stroke

  • Force Ratio

    Train the start of the Back Stroke and the start of the Forward Stroke to the impact with the same amount of force in the two acceleration intervals

  • Length Ratio

    After the putter and golf ball impact moment, stop in the final parking area of the putter
    and train it to make a forward stroke that is slightly compact than the size of the Back Stroke

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The track improves shaft control ability and ultimately
it corrects the direction, angle, and head trajectory.

  • Club direction, angle correction
  • Club head trajectory correction
  • Shaft control training
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